All In A Lifetime


Austin Macauley Publishers 2023 Hardback / Paperback / Audio

It has taken over 40 years to piece together the story of Anya, Willi, and the Icon, like trying to put together a priceless Faberge egg shattered intentionally without a clue as to how it once looked. Anna (Anya) and Wilhelm (Willi) lived in a small German village when we met half a century ago. Their remarkable life stories are the heart of this novel. Real life has many detours and contradictions, each piece of their stories led to another story. An Icon hung on the wall of the entry to their home and it was there that fact met fiction. Weaving related stories into this novel, preserving the memory of each individual and the times in which they lived, required some manipulation of facts. It is the story of a much-travelled Icon and a treasure (not an ARC “Traveling Treasure”) including the lives it touched. And it is a story of love found late in life.