The Oldest Ranch in Texas by Joe W. Hipp


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Located nine miles south of the Alamo, between Leon Creek and the Medina River, Rancho de la Purisima Conceptión may quite possibly the oldest surviving ranch in North America, And, incredibly, is still owned by the same family. Don Juan Ignacio Perez de Casanova, who made his mark in Texas history as a soldier, rancher, Indian fighter, and interim governor, was the original grantee in 1794. Through the centuries the ranch name has evolved (Stone Rancho, Perez Ranch, Linn Ranch, Rancho de Leon, Walsh Ranch) but what has remained constant is its power to survive-amidst Spanish army and Indian presence, the Battle of Medina, and more recently, yet another power struggle. In 2003, 2,600 acres of the original ranch was acquired by Toyota is now home to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company Texas.